Hanwei ZHANG’s Homepage

Hi! Welcome to my homepage.

I am a Post-doc on QARMA team of LIS Marseille, working on Interpretability of Deep Neural Network with Ronan Sicre, Stephane Ayache and Yannis Avrithis.

I defensed my Ph.D thesis “Deep Learning in Adversarial Context” on June 17 2021. My Ph.D was supervised by Laurent Amsaleg, Yannis Avrithis and Teddy Furon in the Linkmedia team at IRISA Rennes. My diploma is from PRogram Of Sino-French Education for Research (PROSFER) between East China Normal University and École normale supérieure de Rennes. During the Ph.D, my research focus on the security problem in machine learning. Currently my work has mainly focused on trustworthy AI.

Before coming to IRISA, I worked on Multi-objective Evolutionary Computation with Aimin Zhou from 2015-2017. And I received my bachelor’s degree in 2015 from Department of Computer Science and Technology, East China Normal University.